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About The Pops

The Atlantic Pops was originally formed as the Atlantic County Symphonic Band in 1997 under the direction of retired Mainland Band Director K. Michael Skwarlo. The group was formed to provide an outlet as well as camaraderie for area musicians of all ages.

In 1999, the band changed their name to The Atlantic Pops and in 2003, EHT Band Director Mark Kadetsky assumed the Music Director post. Through the years and regardless of name or director, The Pops exists to add to the cultural landscape in Atlantic County. In addition, all of the group's efforts are geared towards helping others through benefit concerts as well as providing scholarships and lessons to area musicians.
The Pops is pleased to be the Ensemble in Residence at the Cygnus Creative Arts Centré, a title they have held since 2010. For more information visit then on FB Atlantic Pops Community Band or at www.atlanticpops.com

Promoting Accessibility for People with Disabilities:

Atlantic Pops only uses facilities that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and standards. Parking for the physically disabled and easy access ramps is provided. Seating for people using wheelchairs is available in a manner that allows seating with their family or friends. Hearing amplifiers, for the hearing impaired, are provided at no cost.

Programs are funded in part by a grant from the NJ State Council on the Arts

We are the official Ensemble in Residence at the Cygnus Creative Arts Center and EHT Community Center cygnus

Atlantic Pops Community Band Officers

Music Director: Mark Kadetsky
President: Gary Press
Past President: Stephanie Garriel
Vice President: Andy Campanell
Executive Director: Louis P. Kadetsky
Treasurer: Jon Ferrara
Secretary: Havilah Shorten
Events Coordinator: Karen Giubilo
Personnell Secretary: Doreen Hambro
Media Director: Jennifer Riggio
Equipment Manager: Andrew Hofstetter
Librarian: Jessica Bronson & Stephanie Sussmeier
Director Emeritus: K. Michael Skwarlo
Advisory Board: Alisa Cooper, John Dunn, Mike Shumski, CPA
Sunshine Fund: Rachel Barnes

Thanks to: Cygnus Creative Arts Centre www.cygnusarts.org
Special thanks to the EHT Recreation Department, EHT Public Works & EHT Schools
Buck London Productions– Sound & Recording Engineer

The Atlantic County Pops Community Band is made possible by funds from the Atlantic County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs, a partner of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.



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